a beautiful wagon from long ago days.


This is the Triumph Motorcycle factory in England where Bill started doing special work for them back in the 1960's.







































Above is the Shriners van and below is a close up of the painting on the door of the Shriners van.



























This is a picture of the 1969 Hurst Olds. There were only 900 produced and Wild Bill hand pin-striped them all in 9 weeks. There is pin-striping on the deck lid also as well as the tips of the spoiler and along the rocker panel. Every place there is gold there is a stripe separating it from the white. Wow, what a job.


This is the webmasters favorite picture of vehicles painted by Wild Bill. That is because it is the webmasters 15 year old lawn tractor. Much better than that old Toro red


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